New GreenGeeks Coupon Code 2011

Green Geeks Web Hosting has just given Best Free Web Space a new GreenGeeks coupon code for 2011! We are pleased to pass this coupon code on to our readers so you can save on your GreenGeeks web hosting packages.  Right now, if you purchase any of GreenGeeks annual plans you can receive $30 off just by entering the GreenGeeks coupon code “100Best”at checkout.  This special GreenGeeks pricing discount is not guaranteed to last throughout the year, so act now and save $30 off your GreenGeeks hosting.

Save $30 Off GreenGeeks Here – Coupon Code “100Best”

GreenGeeks shared web hosting plan is normally $6.95 a month, which is a very good price for a plan packed with amazing features.  However, by clicking the link above (or at the bottom of this post) you will receive this GreenGeeks hosting plan for ONLY $4.95 a Month! And THEN…Once you decide to purchase this plan, or any other annual web hosting plan, you can also save an additional $30 off (as mentioned above) by using our new GreenGeeks coupon code “100Best”!

You may be asking yourself why this is any better web hosting deal than what you can find elsewhere on the Internet, or why GreenGeeks would offer us a special discount pricing and not just offer it themselves.  Well, this is how it works…GreenGeeks has what is called an affiliate program (which we are a part of).  Essentially, the GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program pays out a commission to us every time one of our readers clicks on our coupon link and purchases a web hosting package.  Why would GreenGeeks offer discount pricing AND pay a commission? Wouldn’t they be losing money? The answer is NO! GreenGeeks actually saves money by not paying thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising costs.  The GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program is s a win-win for everyone.  See…GreenGeeks saves advertising dollars, we make a little money, and our readers (and potential GreenGeeks customer) get to save money on their web hosting products.  As partners, Best Free Web Space and GreenGeeks and happy and proud to save our readers/customers money instead of charging higher rates to cover absorbanent advertising cost.

Now that you know what you can save…let us tell you what you can get.  With GreenGeeks shared hosting plan you get a number of unlimited web hosting features including unlimited web space, hosted domains, email accounts, bandwidth, and MySQL databases.  But these unlimited features are only the beginning of a long list of features that will help you design, create, and manage your own website.  AND by hosting your website through GreenGeeks you can feel good about helping protect our environment as GreenGeeks goes above and beyond the suggested energy saving guidelines to be considered a “green web hosting” company. 

Not only does GreenGeeks offer a fantastic cheap shared web hosting plan but they also offer reseller hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting.  You can check out the details of GreenGeeks web hosting, reseller hosting, green hosting, and VPS hosting on their site by clicking on the link below.

Don’t Forget to use GreenGeeks Coupon Code 100Best and Save $30!

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