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HostGator and VOIPo Offer Free Business Phone Number

HostGator and VOIPo Offer Free Business Phone Number In an online partnership online users are going to be jumping all over the HostGator and VOIPo offer for free a free business phone number, this  is a great opportunity to take advantage of awesome business shared web hosting and VoIP deals on the web. The HostGator […]

BlueHost Announces New Web Hosting Reseller Plans

BlueHost has announced new web hosting reseller plans! This is exciting news for anyone interested in starting their own web hosting service.  By becoming a BlueHost reseller you have the ability to make money while offering your friends, family, and others excellent web hosting products and services.  BlueHost has been providing quality and reliable shared […]

GoDaddy for Sale?

Is GoDaddy for sale? Many articles have come out recently about GoDaddy and a lot of them mention a hefty price tag of like $2.5 billion. Some may be wondering if this means that GoDaddy is for sale or that it was sold. That isn’t the case. Although the GoDaddy news release on their website does not […]

HostGator Increases Bandwidth on Dedicated Servers

In recent news, HostGator increases bandwidth on dedicated servers to 10 TB. 10 terabytes is equal to 10, 240 gigabytes. This is big news for those that are already using HostGator dedicated servers or for webmasters that are ready to move up to a dedicated server.  This is an increase of as much as 8.5 […]

New From HostGator: Windows Hosting

New from HostGator: Windows hosting. When it comes to finding the best web hosting providers, there are MANY to choose from. The best web host provider for you may be different from the best web host provider for your neighbor, it really depends on the individual needs of the webmaster. For the webmasters that are […]

New Site Best Voice Over IP

A new site BestVoiceOverIP.com provides a ton of useful information about the business VoIP services and reviews some of the best VoIP service providers.  We found that this website is a great resource if you are looking for VoIP service for a simple customer support number for your business website or if you need full business VoIP solutions […]

TXT180 Launches Mobile Marketing Services

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. With 93% of the US population owning a cell phone, what better way is there to get your targeted marketing message to your customers than by sending your advertisement or coupon directly to their cell phone? Mobile marketing, or text message marketing, is a new direction for marketing. TXT180 […]

New GoDaddy Web Hosting Pricing – $2.99/mo.

GoDaddy economy web hosting plan is now ON SALE for $2.99 a month! If you act now you will be able to save 40% on this base level plan. GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting companies in the industry, and their numbers just continue to grow. Save an Additional 10% off by Clicking […]

HostMonster Offers Pricing Match

In a previous post we compared BlueHost vs. HostMonster in a side by side comparison. Since then BlueHost offered to do a special discount pricing promotion for our readers of just $3.95 (as stated in previous post). Now, HostMonster has agreed to match that price for our readers. Details on both web hosting companies are […]

Best Free Web Hosting

Well, we finally got a blog…kind of missed the blogging wave, but we’ll catch up. What can you expect from this site about free web hosting? We will publish our reviews of the best free and best cheap web space providers on the internet today. Free hosting is still possible and you can find a […]