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Best Free Web Space is excited to recommend DWHS as one of the Best Budget Hosts. DWHS was started in 2001 by experts in the web hosting industry that saw a need for some changes in the way web hosting services were run. The combined experience of the DWHS web hosting team is more than a hundred years and they are dedicated to using this experience to provide the best web hosting service to each of the DWHS clients. The service offered by DWHS is different in that they don’t overcrowd their servers and make unrealistic promises. Read our full DWHS review to learn more about the company and why Best Free Web Space has chosen to award them with this Best Budget Host award.

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Many of the big web hosting service providers will offer one mega hosting plan that they claim will meet the needs of every web hosting client. At DWHS they understand that this is not really the case. Every web hosting client has different needs and every website requires different tools and resources. At DWHS they provide several web hosting plans for users to choose from so that each webmaster will have access to all of the features and tools he/she needs for a successful web hosting experience. Best Free Web Space has chosen to award them with this Best Budget Host award because of the many affordable web hosting solutions they have to offer. Plans start as low as $3.00 per month and customers choosing to pay 6 months in advance will receive 1 month free while those paying 12 months in advance will get 3 months free.

Cheaper isn’t always better but in the case of DWHS they provide all the support and guarantees to back their service and ensure that every account has a reliable web hosting service and the webmaster has all the support needed for a successful experience. Web hosting support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so that a webmaster can get help and answers at any time of the day or night. DWHS also provides a 45 day guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. A webmaster can choose to register a new domain through DWHS or transfer an existing domain if he/she is looking to switch from another provider.

With so many years of experience in the web hosting industry, the DWHS team knows what all the best web hosting software and hardware is and they make sure that they are always using and offering the very best to each of their web hosting clients. Whether a webmaster is new to the business and just getting started on his/her first website or if he is a seasoned vet in the industry and knows exactly what applications and tools are needed, DWHS offers a variety of options to meet each of these needs. From the industry leading cPanel control panel to hundreds of free scripts and applications and an easy website builder the options are plentiful. A webmaster can even create an online store that will allow a webmasters to sell products or services right from the website.

DWHS has four basic shared hosting plans to choose from. The Micro plan allows for 1 domain name and provides 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth. Every web hosting plan comes with the free site builder, script installer, editor and advanced web stats. In conjunction with the tools and features offered, DWHS puts limits on the number of websites they put on each server, to ensure a reliable web hosting experience for every account. All websites on the DWHS servers have daily 3 level backups and are supported by UPS power backups and make use of a reliable cloud infrastructure. DWHS goes a step further and offers FREE web design for all new customers. This is almost unheard of in the web hosting business because web design services are typically carried out by the webmaster or a separate web designer. If a web host has a web design team, they almost always charge a hefty fee for the service. The free web design from DWHS includes a 3-5 page design, including the homepage, an about us page, and contact page. Talk with a DWHS service rep to learn more about the free web design offer.

Aside from the basic shared web hosting, DWHS provides other web hosting services like reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and search engine optimization services. Knowing these options are available lets a webmaster see the potential of the web hosting service. Although the webmaster may not be in need of the features in the Extreme Plan to begin with or may not anticipate needing a dedicated server, if his/her website becomes a huge success it is good to know these options are available. After our thorough web hosting review, Best Free Web Space is very impressed by the DWHS web hosting service and is happy to recommend them as one of the best cheap hosting options available.

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