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If  you are looking for free web hosting, check out our review. BestFreeWebSpace is very selective about the free web hosting service providers we list on our site. Most of them just really aren’t worth spending much time on, but when we come across a free web hosting service like the service provided by we like to tell our readers about it. In this review we will take a look at the reliability of the service, the web hosting options, and the features that hosting makes available to customers worldwide. Keep in mind that free web hosting isn’t for everyone, but if you are new to web hosting it can be a good place to start.

One area that is always kind of grey when it comes to free web hosting is the reliability of the service. Often using free web hosting puts you at great risk for having a lot of downtime and features that don’t work very well on your site. With we don’t foresee this being a problem. The fact that the free web hosting service uses a reliable cluster based service ensures that every website will have maximum uptime and that the servers will be running at optimal performance. All of the servers in the datacenter share the load from all the websites. This means that they don’t crowd dozens or hundreds of small free web hosting sites onto one server and then use the other servers for paid customers, instead the servers all share the workload and the one with the most available resources will be loading each site as needed. If one server goes down it doesn’t mean that every website on that server is down, the other servers in the datacenter will pick up the load until that server is back online. This is one of the things that really stood out to us in our review, you don’t find this feature very often with free web hosting.

Another thing that is very unusual about free hosting is the technical support. Generally when you use a free web hosting service you are left to your own devices to figure it all out. The company isn’t making any money off you so they are not willing to invest any support hours into helping you through any issues or questions that you may have. understands that every customer is important and that by supporting their free web hosting clients they are showing customers that they will take care of them every step of the way. The resources on a free web hosting plan are of course limited and at some point you will likely want to upgrade to a more advanced web hosting package. By taking great care of you as a free web hosting client, they know that you will be confident in upgrading within the company and keeping your business with One of the most notable things about the freatures in the free hosting is that the free web hosting plan does not require any forced ads on your site and includes a free domain name with a extension.

Visit the site for a full list of features and benefits included in each of their web hosting plans. In addition to the free web hosting service, also provides cheap web hosting plans for personal or business websites that need more resources than what is included in the free plan as well as extra benefits like an advanced site builder, 1-click script installers, and data backups. also offers cheap SSL certificates for those that will be doing ecommerce or need extra security for a website. Visit today to see if this is the best free hosting service to meet your needs!

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