TXT180 Launches Mobile Marketing Services

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. With 93% of the US population owning a cell phone, what better way is there to get your targeted marketing message to your customers than by sending your advertisement or coupon directly to their cell phone? Mobile marketing, or text message marketing, is a new direction for marketing. TXT180 is the newest provider of text message marketing, and from what we can tell they are offering the lowest prices in the industry. For just $9.95/mo you can send out 500 personalized marketing messages to your own customers every month.

So you may be wondering what are the uses of text messaging marketing? At TXT180 they provide a whole list of ideas on who could benefit from using this type of service. We were surprised that virtually any type of business or organization could benefit from using mobile marketing. If you are a church or community organization you can use text messages to remind people about scheduled events, fundraisers, emergency alerts, or other activities.  If you are a dentist or medical provider you can use text marketing to remind your customers about an appointment, payment that is due, or let them know about an opening in your schedule. For educational institutions you can use text marketing to send out schedules, event reminders, school closures, etc. Of course if you are in any type of retail or sales, text message marketing is a great way to send out a group sms (short message service) message to announce a coupon deal, sale price, or special offer.

The TXT180 site gives a great overview of how it all works:

  • Sign-up for a keyword: select a keyword that is targeted for your business and customers
  • Promoted your keyword: use your current marketing campaign to tell people your keyword and short code information. For example send out a tweet that says “Text keyword Pizza to 43435 to receive a buy one get one free coupon”. Advertise in your store front, on a business card, from your website, on Twitter or Facebook, the possibilities are endless
  • Send out your message: after a few people opt-in (text your keyword to your short code) you can start sending out your mobile marketing messages.
  • Reap the rewards: statistics show that text messages have more than a 30% response rate, if you have been in marketing for any period of time, you know this is incredible. Send out monthly, weekly, or even daily deals and watch your business grow!

The TXT180 website has a to of great video tutorials, examples and text marketing tips to show how text message marketing can benefit your business. Marketing has never been easier, cheaper, or more effective. With TXT180 you pay for a year in advance, but if you cancel for any reason during the year you will receive a full refund for any unused months on your plan. Start your New Year off right with a new marketing plan that is sure to boost sales and increase your customer base dramatically.

Visit TXT180 today for additional plan options, pricing, features, and more. It is obvious the people behind TXT180 are dedicated to seeing your business succeed. Support is available through phone or email and the live demo will show you exactly how it works. Visit TXT180 to grow your business today!

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