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Zyma was named Top UK Shared Host by BestFreeWebSpace.org because of the reliable web hosting system, the many shared web hosting features, and the free technical support they offer. When an individual first starts searching for web hosting he/she often starts the search with free web hosting because we tend to think, “why pay for something if I can get it for free” but after a little research it quickly becomes apparent that free web hosting is not going to work for a serious website, free web hosts simply can’t offer the support and uptime that is required to host a successful website. So, one will move on to the cheap web hosting sector, looking for a host that offers a variety of features, has an excellent uptime record and offers friendly, helpful customer support. Read on to learn why, after all our research, we picked Zyma as the Top UK Shared Host; and see how they rank on each of these top web hosting aspects.

It seems as though most of the web hosting directories out there all recommend the same big name hosts, not that there is anything wrong with those hosts – we have used of them some ourselves, but once they get SO big it is nearly impossible for them to provide one on one support, especially without outsourcing the service. So we started looking around for smaller companies that offer all the same benefits, similar rates and that can still provide the needed one on one support to answer any questions and help you get your site up and running quickly. Zyma is fairly new to the web hosting industry, started in 2010, but has already proven to be a reliable, dependable host that is in it for the long run. This Top UK Shared Host is based in Basingstoke, UK about 50 miles southwest of London, and they already have customers in more than 70 countries worldwide. Zyma reviews all report extremely high rankings for customer support and affordability. As a result, most of the new Zyma customers come from referrals of current clients. A company can’t ask for better referrals than that.

When it comes to the Zyma web hosting features, all their main features are unlimited including: storage space, bandwidth, databases, and email accounts. The share web hosting plan also includes free tech support, setup, and transfer. For anyone looking to setup an ecommerce website there is no need to look for a separate ecommerce host, Zyma offers free ecommerce features. Zyma ecommerce features including: free shopping cart software, a free shared SSL certificate, Paypal integration and the ability to accept credit cards from your website. Now the simple fact that there are millions of websites on the Internet has made online marketing essential for nearly every website. If you want anyone to find your website, you are going to have to make some concentrated efforts in helping them find it. Unless you already have a brand name that is known and recognized worldwide, you are going to have to use some online advertising to spread the word about who you are and what you have to offer. With Zyma, every shared web hosting plan includes a free yellow pages listing, a free Google AdWords voucher, a free Yahoo Marketing voucher, and Google webmaster tools to pin point exactly what is working and what needs to be tweaked.

Zyma wasn’t selected as the Top UK Shared Host just for the features they offer, you will find many other hosts with similar offerings. What really stands out is their dedication to using the best technology and offering several forms of support to meet the needs of a variety of web hosting customers. Zyma includes email support, live chat, free phone tech support and online tutorials. And the real kicker – the entire Zyma shared web hosting system is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.  One last thing to consider, if you take advantage of the Zyma Refer a Friend program, you can earn free web hosting!! For every person you refer, you get 6 months of free web hosting, just two referrals a year and you will have a top shared hosting plan for FREE!! If you are already hosting your website with another provider, no problem, Zyma Technologies offers fee website transfer service to help you transfer your website. The Zyma website transfer includes: files, database and scripts.

We can’t say that there is one host that is going to meet the needs of every webmaster out there. All we can do is tell you what our Zyma review has found and tell you that they are definitely worth looking into. With more than 200 free scripts supported by Zyma, the sky is the limit. Every webmaster will have the features, support and tools needed to create the exact website he/she has in mind. We recommend you read some Zyma reviews and compare them to other web hosting reviews to see if Zyma is the top shared host for your needs. Zyma also offers an affiliate program and reseller hosting, for those that are happy with their Zyma service and want to make money online. Visit the Zyma website to start your own Zyma review today and see why they have already received a number of web hosting awards for the services they offer. 

Zyma Web Hosting

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