TXT180 Coupon Code for Text Message Marketing

Use our TXT180 coupon code for text message marketing services for your new website. If you are building your first website, transferring from a free web hosting plan to a more robust and feature rich plan, or are just looking to give your site a face lift, don’t forget to add text message marketing to your marketing campaign. Group text messaging is a great way to tell your customers about new promo offers, send them coupon codes, or just tell them about what is new. TXT180 is a service provider in the mobile marketing industry and from what we can tell, they offer the cheapest prices around! Use our TXT180 coupon code: dollar to save $18.95 off any plan – get the first month for only $1!

To see how your company could use mobile marketing check out the TXT180 Text Messaging Uses page. There are so many different uses for text message marketing that it would be impossible to cover them all. Let’s take a quick look at the basics of how mobile marketing works and why people use text message marketing. First, think about all the people you know that own a cell phone. Now think about all the people you know that use text messaging. Now imagine having your marketing message (coupon code, announce a new product, remind about an appointment, etc) being delivered directly into your customers hands at precisely the right time. If you own a fast food joint across from the local high school, you schedule your message to go out just as the lunch bell rings offering customers a free drink with any purchase in the next hour! Where do you think those high school students are going to go for lunch now? It’s genius!

Obviously you can’t just start uploading random phone numbers into a database and start sending out messages, that is spam and spam is bad. So the first step is getting people to “opt-in” or agree to receive your text messages. Many businesses do this by putting a sign out front or on a billboard, car, or other advertisement saying Text Demo to 77948 for a free drink. (Replace Demo with your company specific keyword and 77948 with your short phone number that is assigned to you by your text message marketing service provider). Once they make that first contact an automatic message will be sent back to them telling them they have agreed to receive your messages and tells them how to opt-out, stop receiving messages, if they so choose. You can now send them periodic specials, info, new coupon codes, etc. Just remember if you spam them (send a new message everyday that they don’t want) they will likely opt-out.

Like any marketing campaign, text message marketing takes a little bit of work upfront, but the pay out on mobile marketing is potentially huge!! It is estimated that 90% of text messages are read within 1 hour and even if they don’t use it immediately, text messages are stored on the mobile phone so that when they get to your business they can easily pull up the coupon and use it at anytime. Use our TXT180 coupon code for the best deals on your mobile marketing campaign. Just enter dollar as the promo code on the sign up page and your TXT180 coupon code will be automatically applied.

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