Comcast Web Hosting Reviews

You don’t find a lot of Comcast web hosting reviews but like many other phone and Internet service providers, Comcast does offer web hosting. Comcast has free web hosting for customers that have an Internet service plan. The free web hosting plan for Comcast web hosting has very limited features but will work if you just want to try your hand at web hosting and get a feel for what it is like to build a website. With 10 MB of free web space and 100 MB of monthly bandwidth, you will have just enough web space to create a static webpage with a free pictures or few short video clips and enough bandwidth to support visits from your family and friends.

If you are looking to create a dynamic business website that is going to make money online for you or that you expect to draw a lot of traffic to, you will most likely have to upgrade to a paid web hosting plan. There are a number of options for paid web hosting, our Comcast web hosting review found Comcast has 3 paid web hosting plans that you could upgrade to at anytime. These Comcast web hosting plans range in price from $19.95/mo to $79.95/mo. Each plan comes with a free website builder to help you create a beautiful website without any knowledge of programming languages, website design, or HTML. This can be a good option for web hosting if your are already a customer of Comcast and are looking to get started in web hosting.

If you are serious about web hosting and are really looking for the best deal available, there are many web hosting providers that do nothing but provide web hosting. Because this is their dedicated business practice they are able to offer a lot more in their web hosting plans than plans like Comcast, Verizon web hosting, Earthlink, etc. Most of the best web hosting providers offer web hosting for less than $10/mo. Many of these web hosting plans come with unlimited web hosting space and bandwidth and include a free domain name for at least a year. BlueHost is one of our favorite web host providers. Our review of Comcast features compared to those of BlueHost show that BlueHost offers MANY more features than the Comcast web hosting plan, at a fraction of the price.

BlueHost web hosting is normally only $6.95 per month, which is a third of the price that you would pay for the cheapest web hosting plan at Comcast. But right now we can offer a special price for BlueHost web hosting with our BlueHost coupon link. For a limited time get unlimited web hosting, with a free domain name, for just $3.95/mo!! When you use any of our BlueHost coupon links you will be taken directly to the BlueHost website where you will see the discount coupon has already been applied. No BlueHost coupon code to remember!

Whatever direction you decide to take for web hosting, read some web hosting reviews to find out what other’s experience has been with the web host. Reading Comcast web hosting reviews will give you an idea of what their service, uptime, and usability is like. When you look for BlueHost reviews you will find that there are MANY! BlueHost has been around for a very long time and having used them for web hosting personally, we can tell you that their service, uptime, and web hosting features truly provides some of the best web hosting around.

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