Benefits of Free Hosting

The benefits for free web hosting services are many – we’ll tackle a few of them here.

Free web space is well…free. So the cost is obviously the biggest benefit. The free hosting services may be free, but in fact – you are probably giving up something in exchange and that is – ad space and potential revenue. If your site gets any volume of traffic you could make enough on your site to have all the hosting expenses paid. There are many ways to do this, but you just need to investigate them on the web to discover them.

Less headache – free hosting services on a reliable network means you probably don’t have to worry about it doing down or monitoring it. Be careful though – you could end up with a host that isn’t good at all and could be going down or out of business right after you start – or worse – after you get established. We recommend or – both are seasoned hosts.

No Domain name fees – most free host companies offer a subdomain so you don’t have to purchase a domain – it’s great for individual accounts, but if you’re doing business on the web you’ll want to have your own domain name just to be credible. It’s always a good idea to have your own domain anyways, but at the hosts mentioned above you can use your own domain with the free host account and then you just pay $10 or less for a domain.

Free Email services – some like stormpages and 20m offer free email with the account – so you can appear to be more credible or you can have a public or private email account – it comes in handy to have one for personal use and then another for your web use. That way the one for web use could be changed later if you’re getting spammed to death over time.

There is another blog which specifies good free web space topics that you should check out.

Thanks and good luck!

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