GoDaddy for Sale?

Is GoDaddy for sale? Many articles have come out recently about GoDaddy and a lot of them mention a hefty price tag of like $2.5 billion. Some may be wondering if this means that GoDaddy is for sale or that it was sold. That isn’t the case. Although the GoDaddy news release on their website does not reveal any specific price tag, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy, does confirm that they have partnered with KKR, Silver Lake, and Technology Crossover Ventures. Mr. Parsons confirms that they have been looking for the right deal that would benefit both the company and their customers and that when it came along they would take it. GoDaddy is confident that this is the right deal and the right time. GoDaddy feels that “…because of their technology expertise, their understanding of Web based business and because their values align with ours” partnering with these businesses will help to take the GoDaddy business and services to the next level, especially in the international sector.

The answer to the question is GoDaddy for sale is no, this is merely a partnership with these other companies. GoDaddy has long been known as one of the best web hosting providers, domain name registrars and SSL certificate providers in the industry. None of that is going to change. Webmasters that are in the market for any of these services will be hard pressed to find the same quality service at a comparable price. GoDaddy web hosting prices start as low as $3.49/mo, provide twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week support, offer packages with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and much more. GoDaddy web hosting comes in several different plans for either the Linux or Windows operating platforms to ensure that their service can benefit a broad customer base, from the webmaster building his/her first personal website to the large corporation looking for the best web hosting provider to support their business operations.  Using our GoDaddy links offers customers the GoDaddy coupon price saving customers 10% off the entire order.

For the webmaster that has several websites and is ready to upgrade to a virtual dedicated server or dedicated server, this 10% savings can really add up to a hefty amount of change. GoDaddy is not only dedicated to offering the best customer service, they are also known for using the best technology and security features to ensure every customer enjoys reliable, secure services. GoDaddy web hosting provides several web hosting options that allow webmasters to customize each website exactly the way they want and then includes a lot of free extras to help the webmaster setup and market each website to achieve success. For business websites SSL certificates, logo design, shopping cart software, and merchant account services are just a few of the ecommerce specific web hosting tools and services available to GoDaddy customers.

Domain name registration is one of the first things needed to build a website and GoDaddy is known for offering some of the cheapest domain name registrations in the industry. Webmasters can renew a current domain registration, transfer a domain,  or purchase a new domain name from GoDaddy at a big savings over the price being offered by competitors. When registering 5 or more domains webmasters will also get free Private Registration and purchasing 6 or more domains will save webmasters even more. Our GoDaddy coupon link saves webmasters 10% on all of these services from GoDaddy so whatever your current web hosting or web service needs are, use our GoDaddy link below to visit the GoDaddy official site and save money today!

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