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Microsoft web hosting or Windows web hosting is one of the platforms that can be used for hosting a website. Microsoft web hosting is not the actual web hosting service itself, however; the Microsfot website does offer several web hosting options that meet minimum requirements for the Windows or Microsoft web hosting platform.  Each of the web hosting offers listed on the Microsoft web hosting site have to be pre-configured and pre-installed with SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 2.0, URL Rewrite, IIS Remote Management, and Web Deploy. Additionally, each of these offers are from web hosts that guarantee 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support in addition to keeping up on the latest Microsoft technology.

There are advantages and disadvantages to Microsoft web hosting. The scripting language and design of a website will determine whether a web host will need to use a Windows system or a Unix/Linux platform. If a website uses the .NET framework or visual basic, Windows web hosting is essential because Unix hosting is not able to support these. For webmasters using FrontPage Extensions it is possible to use either Unix or Microsoft but the Windows platforms will not require any type of plugin to be installed to use FrontPage. Just because your computer uses the Windows operating system does not mean that a webmaster has to use Windows for their web hosting platform, however;  for beginners that are only familiar with Windows products, Microsoft web hosting can be easier to learn and use. For webmasters using ASP or any other windows based application, using a Microsoft web host will ensure that all these features are supported and easy to use.

Some of the most common complaints we hear about windows web hosting include the performance and speed of Windows servers compared to Unix servers. Windows servers typically require more resources for daily operations. This can result in higher costs because of the amount of disk space, bandwidth, and RAM that are required to keep each website on the server available and loading properly. Just as Unix systems are not designed to run Windows systems, Microsoft web hosting is not deisgned to run programs that are create in and for a Unix platform. CGI, PERL, Telnet, and SSH are all examples of applications that one can not use on a Windows platform without  a lot of additional work and effort.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Microsoft web hosting is price. Windows is not a free platform to use so most web hosts that offer both Unix and Windows web hosting platforms will charge more for the Microsoft web hosting plans than for Unix plans. Overall it really depends on how your website will be created and the type of applications you will be using. HostGator just recently added Windows web hosting to their web hosting options and we have had a lot of great success with using the HostGator services but for webmasters interested in another option we would highly recommend BlueHost. A BlueHost coupon can get webmasters a full featured unlimited web hosting plan for as little as $3.95/mo. Read some website hosting reviews to learn more about different types of web hosting to find the best web hosting plan for your needs. For more about HostGator Windows hosting or the BlueHost web hosting plans use our links below to get full details and a discounted price.

HostGator Windows Hosting

BlueHost Web Hosting

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