FatCow Green Web Hosting & FatCow Review

FatCow is reaching new heights in web hosting! They are 100% wind powered! Their offices and servers are all run on wind powered. Because of this they literally save 2,660 metric tons of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. This is incredible!

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According to the FatCow website the prevention of this CO2 from going into our atmosphere is the equivalent of:
  • planting 2,390 acres of trees
  • not driving 6.1 million miles
  • removing 510 cars from our roads
Web hosting servers leave an incredible carbon footprint on our planet and more and more hosting companies are jumping on board with off setting these effects. On top of all of this FatCow offers their hosting for just $3.67!
Besides being “green” here are some other great features of FatCow hosting:
  1. 24/7 customer support
  2. Unlimited web space
  3. Unlimited data transfer
  4. Host unlimited domains
  5. Unlimited MySQL databases
  6. Unlimited email
  7. Free domain name
  8. Free site builder
  9. Free script barn
  10. Free shopping cart
  11. SSL secure server
  12. Unlimited FTP users
  13. Online store tools
  14. Load balanced technology for reliability
  15. CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and more

Go Green with FatCow!!!

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