New From HostGator: Windows Hosting

New from HostGator: Windows hosting. When it comes to finding the best web hosting providers, there are MANY to choose from. The best web host provider for you may be different from the best web host provider for your neighbor, it really depends on the individual needs of the webmaster. For the webmasters that are looking for an unlimited Windows hosting plan, we are excited to tell you that HostGator is now offering Windows web hosting to all of their customers! In this HostGator review we will tell you about all the best web hosting features included in the Windows web hosting plans. Use any of our HostGator links in this post to visit the HostGator site and see our discount coupon code price already applied.

Unlimited Windows Hosting from HostGator

HostGator has been one of the major web host providers for many years now and have built a reputation for providing stable, reliable web hosting. If you are a new webmaster you may not know a lot about how web hosting works, or what the most important aspects of web hosting are, but reliable and stable servers are paramount. Just think of your busiest web traffic day and image thousands of people trying to visit your site and purchase your product and because your web host providers servers are down, no one can access your site. Every attempt visit goes to a message saying “the website you are trying to visit is currently unavailable”.  Not only does this cost you a ton of money in potential sales it also hurts your business reputation. With HostGator’s Windows hosting you will have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning your site will be up and available 99.9% of the time.

Let’s review HostGator’s Windows hosting plans. There are two Windows hosting plans available to choose from. Both offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth as well as free web hosting tools to get you started on a professional website. When you visit the HostGator website you can try the free demo of the website builder, included in each of the Windows web hosting plans, to see how using free website templates can make building a website fast and easy. Also, on the Windows hosting page there is a free demo of the Plesk control panel to let webmasters see how easy managing a website can be. The Plesk control panel is one of the best control panel options out there.

HostGator web hosting includes all the best web hosting tools that you would find with any of the top web hosting plans on the market. Right now you can use our HostGator links to get the new HostGator Windows hosting plans at 20% off the normal rate. We don’t have any silly coupon code phrase that you have to enter at checkout, just use any of our HostGator links to visit the Windows hosting page and see our HostGator discount price is already applied. Choose the Personal Plan and pay only $4.76 per month(on a 3 year plan) or select the Enterprise Plan for just $14.36 per month and receive 5 free domain name registrations.  We don’t normally like to promote free web hosting or the cheapest web hosting because we feel that to some extent you get what you pay for. But rest assured that this incredibly cheap web hosting deal is being offered as a promotional tool to tell people about the new Windows hosting at HostGator, not because it is a cheap or invaluable service.

Read a few HostGator reviews to see how happy their current customers are and then check out the full details on these Windows hosting plans to find the one that is right for your website hosting needs. Use the HostGator Windows hosting link below to save 20% today!

HostGator Windows Hosting

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