TXT180 Mobile Marketing Reseller Program New Features

The TXT180 mobile marketing reseller program new features and updates were just released for the white label reseller program. These new features were designed to benefit and help the reseller increase their client base and provide a quality product for their clients. There are a variety of new additions to the mobile marketing reseller program including white label reseller tools, if you are an individual or business interested in selling the product under your own brand name. Resellers have the ability to sell the TXT180 product on its own or can add it to a list of other products they may already offer online.

Text Marketing Reseller New Features
White labeling is a great way to sell the TXT180 product under personalized branding. With the new features on the TXT180 reseller site, you can easily sell the product under white labeling with access to the new login widget that can be integrated directly on the reseller’s website. This makes it easy for customers to login to their account via your website.  Another new feature just added is the white label video tutorials you can place directly on your reseller website that can help assist clients in learning how to use the system. These video tutorials are a great feature to help alleviate many of the overall technical support needs. The new mobile marketing reseller program features also provide additional white label options. This allows the reseller to better integrate the control panel into their website and can easily use white labeling to manage the control panel as their own.

With low message balance alerts also being one of the newest text marketing features, you can be aware of when your clients are getting low on their monthly balance of allotted messages. In these cases you have the chance to offer them an upgrade on their plan as well as the option to add more messages. The low message balance alert allows you to keep track when you have many customers and cannot be constantly monitoring each client’s message allotment. One-time messages are also a nice new feature offered in the mobile marketing reseller program. This is a great feature for businesses or organizations that need to send one-time messages for appointment reminders and other one-time individual messages.

Perks of  Text Message Marketing
Text message marketing is a great tool to use for any business. It is one of the most effective methods of advertising that is designed to directly appeal to anyone with a cell phone or mobile device, which is the majority of the American population. Because of this, mobile marketing has a way of reaching more people and new and potential customers in comparison to traditional methods of advertising. It is also a great way to alert customers to promotions, events, coupon codes, and discount offers. Text message marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing for a low monthly cost. Because the TXT180 text marketing package pricing is incredibly cheap, you can easily add a significant mark up to your own text marketing reseller package and still be a cheaper provider than many of the other text message marketing companies. This is a great chance to start your own online business working with TXT180 to create your own reseller program and make money online. Check out the TXT180.com reseller site today to find out more about their mobile marketing reseller program.

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