TXT180 Launches New SMS Reseller Program

As text message message marketing continues to grow in popularity, TXT180.com launches a new SMS reseller program. In this new reseller plan, businesses or individuals are able to resell the text message marketing product under personalized branding. The TXT180 program works through white labeling, which allows the reseller to become the provider with any new clients. Through this program, the reseller works to sell the text message marketing service from their own website. This is a program that easily works from business to business or with face-to-face sales. You can also offer this service in addition to other products and services that might already be offered through you online business. For those interested in taking advantage of the TXT180 new SMS reseller program, it is easy to set up. All you need is a web host to set up your website. There are plenty of free web space or cheap web hosting options available to help get you started.

How the txt180 reseller program works:
The SMS reseller program operates by allowing the reseller to become the official provider of the text message marketing service. This way the reseller is able to directly collect payments from new clients. The reseller also has access to the control panel where they have the ability to set up the new client account and billing information. The new client then also has the chance to access their own account via the control panel. With TXT180’s new SMS reseller program, there are expected to be new and fresh features updated regularly to the TXT180 reseller website.

Bulk SMS message marketing:
Text message marketing is continuing to grow in popularity with more and more businesses discovering that text marketing is a great way to reach new customers of all ages. SMS message marketing has been found to be an efficient way in reaching new customers as well as keep drawing back existing customers. The idea behind text message marketing is to offer customers discounts, promotions, business happenings and other information via a text message. With text communication becoming a world-wide trend, text marketing is a great way to reach just about any customer easily and effectively. With the TXT180 text message software, resellers can promote this product and offer customers and new businesses a great way to advertise their business or organization for a low monthly cost.

About TXT180:
TXT180 was launched in 2010 to primarily operate as an SMS message marketing provider that would benefit businesses of all sizes in advertising and promotions. The company strives to provide customers with an advertising method that will reach a wide range of consumers with text marketing, technical support and wireless technology information. With the new SMS reseller program, TXT180 is continuing to grow and provide customers with a reliable and affordable service.

SMS White Label Reseller Program

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