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We have a couple mini-sites with a bit of content on some Google hosted services such as GooglePages, Blogger, and GoogleSites. These are all pretty much – free hosting services by Google.

Some people have been talking about the free web hosting services that they provide speculating whether it will be free of ads for much longer. In these hard economic times companies are doing all they can to maximize revenue. Will they continue free hosting with no ads?

I recently noticed that Google has started displaying ads on it’s Google Finance area. This was free of ads for a very long time but just in the last 30 days or so – it’s gone ad supported. I’ve also notice more advertising in the Gmail hosted email service.

Bottom line: There really isn’t anything for free…and if it is free now…it won’t be later.

Do you have a site on one of these services? Maybe you should consider switching to a cheap web hosting provider so you don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. There are tons of cheap hosts on the web these days – a lot of them are just the same run of the mill, but there are those that standout from the crowd like IX Web Hosting – a great company from KY/OH. These guys are one of my favorites lately. They have some awesome hosting plans with tons of features – you should probably compare IX Web Hosting to some other companies and see what a value they are.

I certainly hope that Google will keep all their hosting services free of ads, but I also understand they need to make money. If they place ads they will be just another free hosting company with little to set themselves apart.

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