Free vs Cheap Web Hosting

Just 20 years ago free or cheap web hosting was unheard of. Back then you would not be able to build your own web site without either knowing HTML coding or hiring a webmaster to build one for you. Just as the internet continues to grow and change so do the demands and the options. Web hosting companies are now able to provide free and/or cheap web hosting packages that include many many features you would have never seen before.

First, let’s take a look at “free web hosting”. How can web hosting companies provide web sites for free? Like any other company they have people to pay, equipment/servers to provide, and maintenance to perform, right? Well, the way they are able to provide this service is by having you allow advertisements or banners to be place on your website. These ads are typically at the very top, side, or bottom of your site so although they may distract a bit from your site they are not overbearing or cumbersome. Free web hosting is perfect for someone looking to build a very simple or basic web site such as a personal or family website where your family and friends can keep in touch with you. Free web hosting packages are often limited in the amount of space you are allowed as well as the features included. Companies that offer free web sites often do not have toll free numbers or customer service representatives available to you. They will usually offer an FAQ, Knowledge base, or sometimes an email support system.

Now, let’s take a look at “cheap web hosting”. With the changing times web hosting companies are now able to provide a wide variety of services. Most will have a starter package which will be hosted on shared server but can be as low as under 5 bucks a month. Many of these companies are now able to offer a number of unlimited features in their least expensive web hosting packages such as unlimited web space, bandwidth, email accounts, domains, subdomains, and even FTP accounts. Any one of these things were not even a realistic option just a few years ago. And now you can get it all for less than most of us pay for a cup of coffee. Incredible!! A lot of web hosting companies also offer upgrades to your hosting package for very reasonable rates such as your own dedicated IP address, dedicated servers, or even VPS hosting. The cost for having them create, build, and maintain your web site has also become very affordable. Now, if you are looking to build a full retail business online complete with shopping carts, ecommerce capabilities, merchant account services, catalogs, and shipping obviously a $5 a month package is not going to cover your needs but if you are a small to medium sized business depending on what you need your website to contain and be able to do you may be able to use one of the cheap web hosting packages.

There are even a number of companies that spend their time doing all your research for you. They have websites that feature web hosting reviews and comparisons of different companies so you do not have to sort through thousands of web hosting company websites. You get all their key information in brief reviews then you can usually visit the web hosting company site directly from the review if you would like more information on that specific company.

I hope this helps clear up any questions you have had regarding free vs. cheap web hosting.

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