Best Free Online Backup Storage

Free online back up storage is basically like every other free basic shared hosting. This is a great option (and very popular) for those that don’t want to lose work files or family photos. These hosts make these items accessible to others and free up your hard drive space by allowing you to store your large files.

Just like with all things there are pros and cons to free online backup storage. Here are some reasons why free online backup storage may be good for you.
  • Free – The price couldn’t be any better. It’s always fun to get something for nothing. If you have experience with free web hosting you may be satisfied with free online backup storage as well. For the money it is surely worth a try.
  • Most companies start with a starter plan that is free. This is great because for as long as it fits your needs you don’t pay for it but when the time comes that you need more space or features they generally offer an affordable upgrade.
  • Features – You may be surprised at all the features you will get with free online storage back up. One thing is for sure, it is better than not backing up so you might as well give it a try.
As with all great things there is a flip side and there are naturally cons.
  • Space and file types – With free back up storage you are going to be limited to the amount of space you have. So, if you have a lot of space intensive documents or media files then this is not a good option for you. On the same note, if your files are file types that are unsupported by the free service then you can’t store them there and it is all quite futile.
  • Uploading – With free storage you may find that uploading is not quick and easy. It may be easy enough to upload but it may be slow and you may have to do one file at a time. Anyway who has done this with more than two files knows the headache that it can become.
  • Not reliable – There may be more downtime with a free online storage service than a paid one. This is the same as any other free hosting service because the server is shared and they over sell. This creates a lot of bogging down of the server and ultimately downtime.
  • Risk of file loss – You may not think this is possible because all companies are going to talk themselves up as being safe and reliable but the truth is that these free services come and go like any other trend. There are few that sell other services that have been around for a while and are more likely to be around tomorrow.

Our top picks for Best Online Backup Storage are:


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