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VPS (virtual private server) is also sometimes called VDS (virtual dedicated server). With these servers you still are using shared hosting but it is different. You share the server as a whole but you have a whole section of the server that is partitioned off and dedicated only to you. During your websites busiest traffic times you will be glad that you have this because your site will not get bogged down and run slow or worse yet, crash. If other sites on the same server go down you are protected and won’t lose any of your visitors.

The cost difference is not too bad. Compared to a dedicated server it is very reasonable. VPS hosting is for those that have outgrown their basic shared hosting but may not be big enough to warrant the cost and time that a dedicated server may take. The web space you will get is not as much as some shared hosting or dedicated servers in all cases. Some basic shared hosting will offer unlimited web space and bandwidth. Just be sure you get as much as you need.
When signing up or shopping around for VPS web hosting you should look for the following to make sure you are getting a good deal.
  • Free setup – there are plenty of great VPS web hosting services that offer free set up so you shouldn’t pay extra for it.
  • Dedicated IP address – you may not think this is a big deal but when you are on a shared server, if someone else does something to cause that shared IP address to be banned it causes you problems as well. When you have your own dedicated IP this will not happen. You also want a dedicated IP address if you are going to be doing ecommerce. You will be able to process transactions securely because of this and that is crucial.
  • Host unlimited sites – you want a VPS web host that will let you host unlimited sites on your server so that you can control everything from one place. This will also save you a lot of money on individual basic shared hosting plans for every site.
  • Freedom – VPS hosting should let you control what operating system, the reboots, and more. Make sure you get the features and freedom that you need and want.
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