FrontPage Web Hosting

FrontPage Web Hosting

One of the things often mentioned as a feature for a web hosting packages is “includes FrontPage Extension”. But what does FrontPage Extension or FrontPage web hosting mean to you? It means that your web hosting company provides support and offers compatibility of using Microsoft’s FrontPage software program.

What does can this program do to help you in building your website? FrontPage is a program that allows you to create and edit web pages without being a webmaster or even knowing HTML coding or language. It will allow you to create anywhere from basic to advanced layouts with pictures, text, and databases. So if you already have web pages or a website built in FrontPage you will be able integrate those pages using your webhosting company. Naturally, if your web hosting company does not have this feature it will be more difficult if not impossible to use those existing pages.

Since FrontPage is a Microsoft product it operates better on a Windows operating system. Web hosting companies typically run Unix that is why it is important if you intend to integrate your FrontPage that your webhosting company offer this option.
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