Making Money Online

We get a lot of questions about how to make money online. Well…first thing you need is a web hosting company and you will probably need a concept to start from.

If you have some expertise in any field – you can probably blog about it or maybe write articles about a certain gadget/tool you use. Then there are probably affiliate programs for you to signup for that will pay you a commission if related products are sold as a result of your article or blog post. There are many different types of methods to make money with a website.

1. Affiliate based marketing.
2. Sell text link ads – it’s usually not a good idea to sell text links just for pagerank purposes. It’s better to sell text link ads as a method of generating an advertiser some clickthrus. So try to place the links in a visible spot on the site and generate some clicks.
3. Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher – using contextual ad publishing systems is easy, but you might not maximize the value of the traffic.
4. Sell banners or other graphic media on your site. The payouts for this type is very low unless you’re in a high paying industry or topic area.
5. Selling a product! If you have something of value to sell – do it online. For this you will probably need a merchant account through a provider like MerchantExpress or Charge

There are so many ways to make money with a website. Get started today!

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