Using Affiliate Programs

If you’re going to use affiliate programs to monetize your site traffic you must do it carefully. You need to create excellent content for the users first and do it with the user in mind – not the search engine. One of the first things the search engines look for when determining whether a site meets the quality guidelines is if they use affiliate programs excessively without adding valuable content to the web community.

There are some excellent sites out there that monetize traffic in this way, but they do it with an excellent base of content and it’s not the sole source of income so they don’t get carried away with it. Sometimes it’s tempting to try to manipulate the search engines and skimp on content because those credit card merchant accounts pay such huge referral fees. DON’T DO IT!!!! You need to focus on content!!!

Here are a few tips to take your site to the top!
1. Get the best domain names you can find. Don’t get some off the wall name – get one people remember.
2. Focus on useful articles and reviews of products that you have experience with. If you want to do a website on a subject and want to be the authority – be one!!! Educate yourself or hire someone who knows the subject. Don’t fake it.
3. Start a blog – it’s a good way to announce new features, articles, and you get links from other peoples blogroll!
4. While you’re just starting out – you might need to send out some link requests to see if anyone is willing to link to your site to help you spread the word.
5. Build a site that engages the public. Give them a space to have their thoughts heard on the subject/product. This will keep them coming back and it provides new content.

This will all help take your website to the top. Then you can slowly start to monetize it with some special offers to your members through some affiliate programs.

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