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Just the other day I was looking at how well siteground web hosting was doing in the search engines. I noticed that they are getting most of their links from blogs. It appears that they have either produced templates for wordpress, joomla, or other open-source website systems. Then they link to their website from the footer of these themes they distribute. It’s actually getting very popular. The same type of thing is done for some very high traffic websites in the industry such as WebHostingGeeks – and many others. I don’t understand why google can’t figure this out and discount those links – they certainly aren’t natural links.

They are either paid – or they are distributed by the company themselves – a forced requirement for usage of the wordpress theme or wordpress template. They don’t let people have full access to the code to take the link off. This seems like quite a big racket. It squeezes out the little guy who builds a quality website and then plays by the google webmaster guidelines.

Recently, I was reading their company review and a few other free web hosting company reviews. The ones I read included : FreeHostia – which is a free host with paid upgrades. Also, AwardSpace – another free host that includes upgrade options. Then I found reviews. They all look like pretty good hosting companies.

Next time you look for a wordpress theme – find one that doesn’t have forced text links to some web hosting company or other crap. It doesn’t make your site look any better and you’re promoting some company that isn’t playing by the rules. We shouldn’t be awarding them for their under-handed efforts. 🙂

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